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How to update Openfire source code

Hi ,

I am a new bee to openfire server as well as open source development.

I got into a new team and my team has already customized openfire source code, as per needed ( version 3.11 ), but now I have to work on some plugins which require a minimum version of 4.0 .

My question is how do I update my already modified code base ( v -3.11) to latest version of openfire(4.0.1), to support plugins.

I understand in normal development, we can pull from git , but I am not sure, how can this be done in my case.

Please help.

Did you find a way for this? I’m in similar position.

We explicitly do not support upgrading Openfire that was built from modified source code. There’s no way for us to predict what changes were made.

You’ll most likely have to “start over”, and re-apply your customization to a new checkout of updated Openfire code. If you’re using git, rebasing might be of some help - but APIs will have changed, and your code might not ‘fit’ any longer.

Maintaining a fork of the project is a daunting task. I strongly advice against doing this. Consider putting all modifications in plugins or external components, or work with us to get your modifications merged in the the upstream project.

Thank you for replying.