How to upgrade Openfire 3.7.0beta to 3.7.0 on linux

Hello, i saw some “step to step” guides for upgrade the openfire server but i still didn´t do the upgrade.

I didn´t found any comment about the database… resuming what i found would be:

OBS: I have a linux server hosting the openfire service and another hosting the database in mysql server

Steps to follow founded:

1 Stop Openfire service

2 Backup the old installation folder, in my case /opt/openfire, to something like /opt/openfireBKP

3 Copy the new version folder in /opt/openfire

4 Copy my file /opt/openfireBKP/conf/openfire.xml to /opt/openfire/conf

5 Specially here i have to set my permissions to the folder and files to daemon:daemon, my service runs like with daemon user

6 Start Openfire Service

So the question is, Wheres the database upgrade??? I founded this steps in 3.6.4 to 3.7.0 in several forums, nobody speaks about the database changes, is there any funcion inside the service who create/update tables or those peopple are runnig their servers whithout the regular configurations?

I´d like to see some experts talk about this, i still running a 3.7.0beta server in my company.