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How to upgrade?

Is there any particular instructions for upgrading a Jive server? I’'d like to not lose my user accounts.

First, backup your database. If you’'re using the embedded database, you can back it up by copying the embedded-db directory to a backup location.

If you used the Windows installer with 2.0.1, run the uninstaller as a first step. It will leave your embedded-db directory alone if you use the embedded database.

Now, run the installer for 2.1. If you use the embedded db, your database will be automatically upgraded. If you use an external database, you’'ll need to manually run an upgrade script (found in the resources dir). Starting with the beta 2 release, Messenger will try to automatically upgrade your external database.



well, I tried what you said and now messenger is locking up when i click ‘‘continue’’ at the database selection page in the setup. I’'m using the embedded db.


Could you check out the logs/error.log to see if there are any relevant messages?



I tried again with the new beta that was released yesterday and it worked!