How to upload all contacts to openfire server and add to user roster?

Hi All,

I am new to open fire and wanted to upload all my address book contacts to open fire and add some of/or all to my roster list ?

I want my all phone book contacts become my default roster once I register from my client .

Thanks in advance!!.



You can’t add your phone book contacts to Openfire.

let me explain a bit more on my question here-

i want user mobile no. is user Id here just like whatsapp ,

I want to make my phonebook , address book contact as my default roster list if they are already on server database?

There must be any way to do so, I heard many people are doing this but does not know the actual solution as I am new to openfire.



You can create users on Openfire and use their mobile numbers as usernames. But you would have to create them manually one by one. You can’t import them automatically. Then you can search and add them in a client (Spark, or say Yaxim for android).

I am sorry for repeating again but I am stuck here…

what about if I write a plugin which receive client request i.e upload contacts and then my plugin update the user roster table using database plugin API, is it possible to do or not ?

any such solution are welcome here ?



Anything is possible to code But, say you import mobile numbers and create users using mobile numbers automatically via plugin. These will be local users in Openfire, you won’t be able to talk to them just like that. They (the new users) will have to use some sort of client and login to your Openfire server. You can’t talk to your phone book contacts just by importing them to some server, they have to use same server/client too. Same with Whatsup i think. You can’t talk with your friend until he install Whatsup too.

You could write a script to add your contacts by using the REST API: REST API Plugin Readme