How to use "Idle Connections Policy"


I have an problem for Idle Connections Policy.

I create a client under android using smack, I found that when the phone lost the network, smack can detect the disconnection.

But at server, openfire always show that the connection is on line.

For Idle Connections Policy, I have change to

1 seconds.

Openfire can send an XMPP Ping request to clients that are idle, before they are disconnected. Clients must respond to such a request, which allows Openfire to determine if the client connection has indeed been lost. The XMPP specification requires all clients to respond to request. If a client does not support the XMPP Ping request, it must return an error (which in itself is a response too).

But it has no effective.

The version of openfire is 3.9.3

Anyone can help me?