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How to use more XMPP GWs/more jabber servers connections?

I set up the Openfire as a company IM solution with controlled usage of external IM services (ICQ, … jabber). Our IT guys need to communicate with the supplier using their own externally reachable jabber server. When using the XMPP gateway there is a possibility to set only one jabber server (the default is jabber.org). I’d need the possibility to use (in a controlled manner) more XMPP destination servers (e.g. jabber.org, supplier.com, …). Is that possible? How? To clarify - I can’t bet on using the “server to server” connection as the other companies do not provide this possibility, nor they use openfire. I can only access the server in a manner the standard jabber client can. Thanx.

Just to add some more info - I use Pandion client, and as it looks like I am unable to register any XMPP trasport, even the only one… after completing the Transport configuration workflow in Pandion, it says “The account was successfully registered with the transport”, however after pressing Finish, “Not registered” is still shown under XMPP transport…:frowning:

You can’t have more than one transport for any IM network in the current IM Gateway plugin. Also, it has been moved to Kraken project http://kraken.blathersource.org/ so you better ask in their forums. Pandion seems like a dead project now, this could be a problem in it, but probably noone is available to fix it.