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How to use one user with 2 different resources without kicking one of them from chatrooms?


we have installed latest openfire version on Centos 5.

I would like to use one user with 2 different resources like “user/Home”, "user/Work’. The problem is that when i connect to a chatroom with the same user from 2 IM clients with these both resources.

clientIM1 uses “username” with resource “user/Home”.

clientIM2 uses “username” with resource “user/Work”.

The username is the same for both clients. When i try to connect to chatroom with both IM clients together, one of the clients is kicked from the chatroom, because the resources.

what is necessary to set on openfire to get the same user but with different resources (like user/Home and user/Work) to participate in the same chatroom?

Thanks in advanced!

I suppose there is currently no way to achieve that. I have tested this and filed as OF-84.


I hope this get’s addressed soon, this is a huge issue for us too.