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How to use Openfire API to create openfire users?


  1. I want to use openfire API to build a customized administrative control panel.
  2. Want to build a flash client and from that i want to create openfire users. This means in the flash client a user will type his username , password and other registration informations and press a submit / register button and this will call a jsp / java which uses openfire API and register a user
  3. From my flash client i want to configure different server gateways and configure multiple MSN,YAHOO,GTALK id’s
  4. Is there any examples/samples available which uses java API?
    Can anybody please help me with a plan?




  1. Use the UserService plugin API

3&4) Search for generic XMPP example, Openfire isn’t so different, you must learn XMPP protocol and it will work with your openfire server