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How to use openfire + iOS clients with push-notification?

Hi all!

I need to deploy corporate jabber-service. Most clients will running on iOS.

We need that:

  • service supports push-notification;

  • service supports authentication by certificates;

  • all messages content must transmitted between our server and clients.

It is important that after disconnection and recovery offline-messages delivered to clients and clients saw it.

Is it possible with Openfire? Which iOS clients you have using with Openfire?

for push notifications you will need:

openfire already supports SSL-connections with Certificates

Wolf, thank you!

In link above manual how to compile my own application that supports push-notification. But although I would compile my own iOS jabber-client, I would have difficulties with publishing it in AppStore.

But how to work third-party clients for twitter, GTalk, facebook and other? It transfer all traffic, all messages through they own servers? It is send me push-notification when there is a new message for me in twitter etc.

You can enroll in the company program, if you do not want to publish your app:


Twitter, GTalk, Facebook…, all have created their own servers/clients, so they can integrate push-notifications into their iOS App.

Yes, but I asked how to work unofficial clients for Twitter, GTalk, Facebook, that support push-notification.

they must have some sort of proxy-server in between the client and official server, so they can poll new information which can be pushed to the users.

atleast that is what IM+ does for some protocols

Wolf, thank you very much!