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How to use secure Websockets


I was able to connect using Bosh and https like so:

I added the Web Sockets plugin and can connect like this:

But I cannot use my SSL to use the wss protocol:

The stream closes and disconnects immediately which makes me think that there is some certification issue. I’m not sure where to continue from here, but modifying NGINX has not proved helpful thus far.

you need a proxy .

Basically you need a webserver (like apache ) in front of everything which can proxypass (even websocket protocol) to your browser as wss://web.com:ws (this has to be done in the default.ssl config file for apache for example ).

Its how i’ve done it .And this proxy method allows to bind more server features to one address.
Having ports used in the address other than 80 or 443 is not taken as secure by the browsers or any api ,so communication is stopped when SSL requirements are not met.