How to use smack java xmpp library in android


Working on Openfire XMPP Smack Libray. Downloaded the Smack library from link:

But I am unable to to build the project library in Android Studio.

Want build an application run as a Spark in android

Can anyone please share the project using Smack library.

Have a look at Smack 4.1 Readme and Upgrade Guide · igniterealtime/Smack Wiki · GitHub

Yes. I have gone through the link and able to get the library dependency. I need an example of an application where this library is used.

Right now I am going through the document to understand the method user. But some of them are not mention like sending image, group chat adding users in group, add users in list of Roster,maintain the chat history of specific user etc.

Please help me with an example which will cover all functionality.


compile "org.igniterealtime.smack:smack-android:4.1.3"
compile "org.igniterealtime.smack:smack-bosh:4.1.3"
compile "org.igniterealtime.smack:smack-tcp:4.1.3"
compile "org.igniterealtime.smack:smack-im:4.1.3"
compile “org.igniterealtime.smack:smack-extensions:4.1.3”

Include the following smack libraries in build.gradle for app component in android studio.