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How to use smack

hi all,

i am new to this forum …so plz help me…i am going to develop a small application which will use smack API. i have downloaded the source code for this …i just want to start chatting with some one with hotmail address…can any one tell me how to do this…and what i have to write the code…plz if some one goes to detial of transport then explain it that how to use that trasport for hotmail.


Hi Muhammad,

you may find out soon that Smack is just a XMPP API. And it has as far as I know no support for transports yet, but maybe we see this in the next release.

As it is just an API you need to write a GUI which does the message handling (displaying, …) and which allows you to add transports. Then you need to connect to a jabber server with a MSN transport.

Is this really what you want to do?

Are you already using a jabber client which supports transports to talk to MSN users?


thanks LG…

i think i was not cleared for my question…here i am going to provide you with more detail. actually i want to built my own client which will use smack API. now what i want to do is that i provide with msn name and passwrod to this GUI and it should get connect to the Jabber…my name is already registerd on that particular server…i register it by using some other software…next step will be to provide it my self…so that i login to the my messenger with msn address and then can send messsage to any body in my list…am i clear in my question or not

Building a XMPP Chat Client which has the ability to add Transports to other IM networks is no trivial task.

Besides why write your own when there are plenty great ones already out there such as




its my company requirement to built my own..imran_mm7@hotmail.com is my email address so can you plz add me so that we can discuss it…if you want.


so you may want to vote there http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=19875 - Spark is Jivesoftware’'s (closed-source) client based on Smack and as soon as Smack supports this feature Spark should also support it.

ddman Derek should also be able to give you a time-frame when the feature will be available or do you want to develop a Smack API for transports?


so LG can you tell me about any open source messenger type application to whom i can get login and send messages to yahoo and msn etc…but open source so that i can customized it according to my needs.


there is a client which offers customizing of the GUI but I have no idea whether it is open source and or supports transports - and I don’'t remember the name. For Spark there is also a “skinning” service, see http://www.jivesoftware.com/skin/