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How to use the translator plugins in Spark?

Hi everyone,

I had a problem when i used the translator plugins.

I had installed the translator plugins and could chose the language choice in the chat board. However, the messages could not be translated and sent to the other client.

How to solve it?



do you have a direct internet connections or do you use a http proxy for browsing? Maybe you need to configure the proxy within Spark.



I can translate the messages without using translator.

Just if using it, it fail to translate to other.

If it is a proxy error, how to modify it?


I think the translator plugin only translates incoming messages?

At least, it did last time I tried it…


The incoming messages also can not translate in other languages.

Just like normal chat with other.

Is it the translator plugin need go through other server to translate the languages?

It is because i need wait few seconds when use the translator, but failure in result.