How to user talking save with wildfire


I installed wildfire 2.5.1 server and Spark client(some users pandion client use.)

I want to user talking save , by wildfire .

How to adjust ?

Thank you.


Wildfire offers an option to write an audit log, but I’‘m quite sure that you want something else, like “JEP-0136 Message Archiving” so a user can query it’'s log file.

There is also the i-Ball Chat Auditor but also there I’'m not sure whether it needs your requirements.



I think what he means is to SAVE all the converstation between all the server in the wildfire.

Example like:

This week’'s chat transcript (6/21/2006)

Can it be done in the Server Side instead of Client Side?

So, the Administrator know what’'s going on for all user?



Check it out. This maybe what you want.

Thansk it2000.

Just test the iballAudit and it work.

The only thing is need to manully create the Table in MySQL which is not mentioned in the Readme file.

Download the source and you should see the Database folder inside the jar.

Use the sql file related your database. (In my case, MySQL use iball_mysql.sql)

work like a charm