How to write Custom Ad-Hoc Commands

I would like to create custom Ad-Hoc commands, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that. Perhaps I should briefly explain the bigger picture - my goal is to create an xmpp-powered storefront that allows customers to browse items and place orders from within the actual brick and mortar stores. Once an order gets placed, the merchant should get alerted accordingly and the order delivered to the customer (thus eliminating the need for the customer to walk to the register). My limited knowledge of xmpp tells me that I will have to write a component that acts as the responder to the customers’ ad-hoc commands, and which also alerts the merchant when deliveries have to be made. Further, the component will also have to display the store’s inventory to the customers.

So, first of all, am I correct in my assumption that I’ll need to write a component, or would I be able to develop the necessary custom Ad-Hoc commands in an easier way?

I found the following Openfire documentation on Ad-Hoc commands, but I am hoping that there might be a more explanatory step-by-step set of instructions. Also, anyone’s existing code would certainly be very helpful as well.

And finally, how do those Ad-Hoc commands get initiated on the client side? I am assuming that any client that supports data forms will also support those commands, but I just simply don’t know what to do to initiate a data form in a chat client. I downloaded the Spark client and played around with it a little bit, but all I can get it to do is chat - how do you start filling out forms, etc?

I know - that’s a lot of questions… hope someone can help with any one of them. Thanks!

hi have you found out how to use ad-hoc commands? let me know!!