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How to's - Improving Imoticons

Hello its been a month since my last post here in spark.

Hi to you all guys who supporting spark.

and its been a year now Openfire and Spark is running in my server with currently 300+ user connected

my problem is how would i adjust the with of the spark popups imoticons with GIF

i found that people love Spark and having fun so i just created an imoticons pack

that made them smile everyday got a problem on how to adjust the spark with adding big imoticons

here i attached a screenshot.

i hope anyone could helpme with this before i make a blog in spark imoticons

got a huge compilation of gif’s and icons…

thanks people here in Jive

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Did i understand this right, that your custom emoticon picker window is not fitting in the screen because you have a lot of big emoticons? How do you see this fixed? A vertical or horizontal scrollbar in that window?

Yes i want it to be Horizontal so that it can view all the icons.

is there any tips how i can adjust the emoticons window?

i hope you give me guide thanks for the response

I’m not a programmer, so i cant hint you what and where you have to change in the source, but i think this is the only way to achieve it - change the code. I can only create a request ticket in JIRA SPARK-1050

Thank you for posting a ticket ’

Create a horizontal scrollbar in the emoticons picker for large emoticons packages’

if i know where to find and set the scrollbar to horizontal i can do a minor change of the code.

i hope anyone here knows… thanks for the big help…

Users in spark big for this option and i have more than 300+ online users.