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How users will be created

Hello Team,

When we are creating user in openfire with mySQL as external database.

How this user will sit in DB level I mean the schema, tables etc.? Do we need to create these explicitly ?

generally you do not need to touch the openfire database… openfire takes care of just about everything.

Thanks for the reply Jason.

So it takes care of creating and updating irrespective of type of external DB. right?

Any idea what is the data model it creates in user creation.

so long as you are using one of the supported databases, then yes, it just works (and given you have followed the database setup guide during your openfire install). Openfire is a complete solution, and it is not recommened to attempt manually manipulating tables… it will likely result in your installation breaking.

You can take a look at the schema for yourself… the .sql files are located in your installation directory under resources i believe.