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How Wildfire / Openwire works documentation


Not sure if anyone has asked this before, but is there any material around that shows how WiFi / OF actually works ? By this, I mean flow diagrams of how packets are treated by the router etc, description of the software operation, modules in use etc.

There is now serious talk of rolling OF out within the company I work for and as I’‘ve been running a small install for a couple of years, I’'ve been tasked with giving an overview to the group that will take over the running of the rollout.

I’'m after something that could or would be in an MS Office format, preferably Powerpoint.

Obviously, all credit for any documention given will be accredited to the original author.

Any help would be greatfully received.


Openfire simply implements XMPP, so you can look for any XMPP guides. One of the first things I found was http://wiki.jabber.org/index.php/Programming_Jabber_Clients

This wasn’'t what I was after - I was after any documentation that was OF / WiFi specific.


as far as I know there is no such document. And I agree that it would be nice to have one.


Thanks LG - Matt, any comments ?