How will Cisco's Purchase of Jabber affect the XMPP standard?

If at all…

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How can a purchase of some private commercial company (that is just using the same name as old protocol’s name) affect the standard? Imho, it probably won’t affect. The least, it could affect in some productive way if Cisco engineers will come up with some revolutionary ideas, which will find an agreement in xmpp masses.

Again, Jabber, Inc. ( was aqcuired, not a Jabber.

They have bought ‘developer expertise’ and bums on seats by buying the company, and apart from obviously ‘bringing industry and investor attention’ on the other development companies in the space (Jive, Openfire, Tigasse etc) I’m wondering what this means for the long term.

Cisco didn’t buy engineers to implement a Cisco IM platform for their retail clients and that they must have something much bigger in mind.

You could possible see different cisco devices communicating with each other (or even using an api to communicate with other manufacturers devices) eg, you might have an XMPP api to ‘discover’ appliance functionality or to communicate status updates.


Dean Collins

Hmm… SNMP 5.x implemented in XMMP? Interesting thought.