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How will LDAP Groups will be defined?

Are there any details yet as to how the LDAP Groups feature will determine which users belong to which groups? Also, is there a loose idea about the timing of this feature landing (days, weeks, months?)?



The initial framework was checked into CVS a few days ago, but the LdapGroupProvider class hasn’‘t been checked in yet. Once that class is in CVS you should be able to test with the nightly builds. I’'ll let the developers fill us in on a time table, but it looks like a user (Greg Ferguson) has contributed the code.

As for how it will decide who belongs to the groups, the current framework allows you to specifiy a search filter to select your groups. Once a group object is found, JM will build the member list based on whatever attribute you define as the member field. For example, in Active Directory a group object has many “member: CN=John Doe,…” attributes – one for each member of the group.

Hey guys,

Looks like I messed up when checking in the ldap group code. I’'ll get that fixed today.



Will JM deal well with a user being a member of many groups? Also how will it deal with security containers?

If a user is a member of multiple groups then they will be populated in each group that they are a member of. Can you elaborate on your question about security containers?