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How would I restrict Spark from storing conversations locally?


I am managing an office using Spark & some of my machines are a bit old so their hard drives have slowly but surely been filling up.

Is there a way to restrict spark from saving messages on the local machines? I do not want to abolish it completely, but I would like

to limit the program to only save conversations for a week then delete them. Is this possible?

don’t believe it’s possible as-is to only have it store a time-period’s logs… you can always turn it off completely but use the Monitoring plugin on Openfire to archive/log all chats on the server… so the admin (you) can retrieve them if/when needed…

It’s certainly better than nothing. Thanks for the feedback!

I believe these machines have at least 20 MB free or you are already running into problem My conversation history files date ~7 years and they still are around 10-20 MB. I won’t worry about history taking space that much.

Two machines were at less than 500MB of disk space on old Dell P4 Dimension 2400 machines running Windows XP, and it is not like Spark is the only thing taking up space, other programs are at fault here too, but on these two machines I discovered when looking through the user profiles that each conversation occurring on the workstations were being saved in every user’s spark folder, creating upwards of 60 copies of each conversation whether or not said user was involved. There could be an issue with the folder redirection on group policy is my guess, at any rate this is why I asked.

There doesn’t seem to be an issue on the other workstations.

500MB’s! I think you’ve got bigger problems than chat history! Windows will fluctuate in installed-size during it’s day-to-day normal operations… such as the pagefile growing/shrinking, the hiberfile (even if you don’t hibernate your pc, it’s there and grows/shrinks), temp files, etc. 500Mb’s is easilly gobbled up in temp files while some program runs (like windows update, etc).

I’d be more concerned about that over some chat logs.

You should try aquiring new, larger capacity drives and use something like Clonezilla to clone the disk over and expand the partitions to fill the larger size.

I believe in XP if you turn of hibernate it won’t have hiberfile. Also on Win7 you can get rid of it via cmd command. My testing XP machine has only 4 GB disk and i now have 1.20 GB free. Granted, it has only few programs installed. Recently i have freed lots of space by uninstalling all .NET and Visual C++ packages. If you don’t use .NET applications, this can help save some space. Also deleting KBxxxxxx folders with blue names in C:\Windows can free some more space (this is updates files stored for possible uninstall, but i think you rarely want to uninstall some updates). Turning off System Restore can also free space, but you will lose ability to restore system. Setting fixed swap file size can stop it fluctuating and taking too much free space. You can probably find more things to delete by running something like TreeSize on C disk and looking what exactly is taking space.

Yeah, it could be folder redirection involved in that copying of the same conversation multiple times.