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Howto add users to a shared group as members?

The admin of the server where I registrated, made us a group called “woc” and made me admin of that group.

This group has shared roster so everyone can see anyone in the group!

Now to avoid micromanagement for the admin, the idea is if I should be admin of that group, I should be able to invite

users becoming a member of that group as well. I’m trying everything with spark, psi, gajim to do this, but it simply

doesn’t work. In spark i can add the group WoC to my roster, but then when I select any offline of my friends to

add to my group, i get the message I can’t add users to a shared group.

When i add a online user, it seems to work, but the moment the user logs off, and back on, he’s not in the group


any idea how we can make users from the rostet to join a shared group permanent as group members without

having the admin todo micromanagement?


There is no rights based administration system in Openfire. So only full admin (or admins) can add users. Your admin can add your username to a /conf/openfire.xml in correct place, so you will be able to login to Admin Console. The only solution i can think of. There is also User Service plugin. With its help one can send http requests to a server (to add/del users etc.). This will need some additional work (to create an application to use that requests, etc.).

The Helga-Bot plugin has advanced features to control shared groups. Maybe that is what you are searching for:

Invite the (local) user “someone@yourserver.com” to your group “woc” would be done by a chat message to the bot like this:

group invite -g woc -u someone

user “someone” gets a message from helga:

You have been invited into group 'woc' by admin@yourserver.com. To accept this invitation, just answer with the command 'group join -g "woc"' on this message.

The user need just to copy&paste the command.

Because everything is done by this chat messages, every jabber client should support it.

great! thank you very much for the info Coolcat!