HowTo: Wildfire 3.1.0 Beta + RHEL4 + AIM, MSN, Yahoo & ICQ transports

*Note: The following howto assumes you have Wildfire installed along with PostgreSQL

JiveSoftware Wildfire 3.1.0 beta (in RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0)- Quick install -

sudo rpm -ivh

  1. Install PostgreSQL

  2. up2date --install postgresql postgresql-server postgresql-libs postgresql-jdbc

  3. Create a ‘‘wildfire’’ database

  4. Install python, twisted & xmpp libraries for transports. Most all RPMs are specifically for RHEL4.

  5. wget el4.i386.rpm

  6. wget hel4.noarch.rpm

  7. wget 0-3.rhel4.i386.rpm

  8. wget -2.rhel4.i386.rpm

  9. wget 0-3.rhel4.i386.rpm

  10. wget 0-3.rhel4.i386.rpm

  11. wget .0-3.rhel4.i386.rpm

  12. wget 0-3.rhel4.i386.rpm

  13. wget 2.0-2.rhel4.i386.rpm

  14. wget -3.rhel4.i386.rpm

  15. wget .0-3.rhel4.i386.rpm

  16. wget 0.1-4.rhel4.i386.rpm

  17. wget arch.rpm

  18. wget

  19. wget thon-imaging-1.1.5-1.el4.rf.i386.rpm

  20. rpm -ivh py* SOAP*

  21. wget

  22. wget

  23. tar -zxvf xmppd-0.2.tar.gz

  24. tar -zxvf xmpppy-0.3.1.tar.gz

  25. Create a ‘‘transports’’ directory.

  26. mkdir -p /opt/wildfire/transports

  27. cd /opt/wildfire/transports

  28. Download & extract transports

  29. pyAimT - America Online IM

  30. wget

  31. tar -zxvf pyaim-t-0.7d.tar.gz

  32. pyICQt - ICQ

  33. wget

  34. tar -zxvf pyicq-t-0.7b.tar.gz

  35. pyMSNt - Microsoft Network

  36. wget

  37. tar -zxvf pymsnt-0.11.1.tar.gz

  38. pyYIMt - Yahoo Messenger

  39. wget

  40. tar -zxvf yahoo-transport-0.3.tar.gz

  41. Configure transports by copying config-example.xml to config.xml and editing the contents.

  42. Create user ‘‘jive’’.

  43. Change ownership and group of /opt/wildfire and all subsequent directories and files to ‘‘jive’’.

  44. Start Wildfire.

  45. /opt/wildfire/bin/wildfire start

  46. Configure component port and secret word in Wildfire. Enter port and secret word in the config.xml in each of the transports.

  47. Start transports.

  48. chmod 755

  49. execute: ./<> (or: python .py)

  50. Check external components in Wildfire. All transports should be recognized.

  51. Install Web-based form to allow transport registration. This will funnel all accounts through the end-users main Jabber account; No need to log in to multiple external accounts or use specialized ‘‘transport-friendly’’ IM clients like PSI.

  52. wget (The latest version is 0.5. There is a problem with 0.5 that doesn’'t allow it to communicate to Wildfire. Please use version 0.4)

  53. untar/gunzip the file, copy the directory to your html area.

  54. Note: This web-based form is written in PHP. Use up2date to install PHP. Also, remember to install mhash and php-mhash to encrypt passwords.

  55. up2date php

  56. rpm -ivh

  57. rpm -ivh 6.rpm

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