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HSQLDB "Hack" to fix presence for LDAP Groups

I’'ve replied to some other threads concerning the issue of Presence when using LDAP groups. Since the Default is set to “To” as the presence, I thought about doing a mass update to make it “Both” in the HSQLDB database.

I came up with the following SQL statement:

UPDATE JIVEROSTER SET sub = 3, ask = -1, recv = -1 WHERE rosterID > 0[/b]

I stopped Jive Messenger

I appended the statement to to the end of messenger.script

Started Jive Messenger.

Didn’'t work.


1.) Am I on the right track to solve the presence issue?

2.) Is my SQL statement correct? - I tested it in MySQL and it worked.

3.) Anyway to execute this statement without stopping Messenger?

Thanks - I hope this helps someone else.