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Http-bind (BOSH) issues in openfire


Im working on a javascript client that will use openfires http-bind.

Ive found that the client can send requests with messages immediatly which is great. The problem is when a client gets a response from the server he cant send a new "empty" request. In this case the client has to wait for 5 seconds before sending a new "empty" request otherwise he is loosing the connection. If he tries to send a new message for example he doesnt have to wait and can send it immediatly.

Is there an implementation of JSON syntax in openfire`s http-bind?




If you are working on a JavaScript client I would highly recommend you read the spec before proceeding. You are running into the polling limitation on the server, this can be configured by setting the Jive Property:


The default value is 5, if you set it to 0 it effectively eliminates the requirement