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Http bind error in openfire 3.5.2

hi i am using openfire version 3.5.2 and ijab as chat client.

I tried enabling http-bind in openfire from server settings on port 8181

tried url http://localhost:8181/http-bind/

but got error-404




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can anyone help if i am missing somethng to enable http-bind, or how can i test that

is that openfire version prob???

Hello Chhavi,

did you change http-bind port by ‘httpbind.port.plain’ system property to 8181. if yes

The a few reason for 404 is as follows:

  1. rid sequencing error

  2. wrong rid

can you tell what changes i have to make for rid and sequence, i have no idea abt that

This error may be due to cients which are using by you.