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Http-bind with ajax(sparkweb) security restrictions


I read the news about sparkweb, looking forward to take a look at the library. I have a question regarding the ajax. As far as I understand ajax only allow connectiosn to same server and same port.

With a high amount of users this could be a problem, obviously it would be nice to be able to connect to any jabber server.

Does anyone have suggestions to solutions to this except having the webserver to redirect, or use layer 7 switches?



We were planning on implementing flash as a transport on the client side to bypass the domain restrictions. Wildifre will have the ability to restrict the domains which can connect to it via flash.

Sounds great.

If this is as I understand it, there will be a background flash application communicating with the jabber server(through NOT http-bind). The javascript library will pass jabber-requests on to the flash application who will transfer them to the jabberserver. Is this correct?

When is this planned to be released?

The flash app will connect to Wildfire using http-bind. It is really just a proxy for the http connections, nothing more.