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HTTP Binding ideas?

For the application we’‘ve got in mind, our JM-server will have to be able to communicate through HTTP (JEP-0124 seems to suit). I’‘d rather not implement it myself, so I’‘m looking at components that might already exist. So far, punjab has come up and I’'ve been looking at JabberHTTPBind. Does anyone have any experience in combining these with JiveMessenger? Can anyone offer other options?

A good tutorial for JabberHTTPBind is http://www.blochberger.de/en_jwchat_how_to.htm

The link sanderd posted is great. JWChat and JabberHTTPBind were just what I was looking for.

JWChat uses and includes JabberHTTPBind so I downloaded the .war from the JWChat site - http://jwchat.sourceforge.net/ - and deployed to our JBoss 4.0.3 app server running Jive and it worked flawlessly! I deployed straight to JBoss without Apache as a frontend and seems to work great so far. (I actually deployed the unzipped war so I could edit the config.js file.)

Hope that helps!

I’‘m currently using JHB too. I’'m trying to build it into a Jive Plugin - more on that later.

There is jet another fantastic web-based client


It uses AJAX and can give more smooth experience than jwchat.

While its server codes are not open-source, all the javascripts can be viewed on client.