Http-binding issue with openfire 3.6.4

i hv been facing a serious problem of http-binding issue with openfire 3.6.4. the browser giving me the following errors when i browsed with this url http://localhost:7070/http-bind/. Is anyone else who can help with this issue. your helping would be much more appreciating. thanks




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I have the exact same problem unfortunately, so I am now writing a debug console to see what is happening. I am not sure that I understand everything since I am new to the whole XMPP thing. The Apache stuff in front of XMPP seems to be working fine.

The error code says it is a bad request, so I am going to start debugging to see what happens…keep me posted if you find out what is going on.

I tried what is in the blog but have not been able to make any progress…further I have not been able to see what is happening…on the wire either.

thanks for ur reply. however, based on ur given link that does not help me much…is there any solution you know? thanks…

If you are getting the Jetty Error…then things should be in good shape…try creating the application that you need and then work on connecting to the XMPP server via a client …that way you can see http bind actually working…

I didn’t get it, witch kind of client are you talking about? Spark? If I want to connect via Strophe using Chrome as web browser, and it connection throws me an 400 BAD REQUEST, like the link to myServer:7070/http-bind, what can I do to solve this issue? It is possible than OpenFire can’t work under hppt-binding?


you need a trailing / on the URL









Hi, I already did it.

If I use the slash at the end, I get only a 400 response by post, but if I don’t use it, I get a 302 found by get method and then the 400.

At the end, it is the same.

Could you give me an URL example?


Here is what I have for apache:

ProxyPass /http-bind
ProxyPassReverse /http-bind

And then I use this for javascript clients: