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HTTP Binding (JEP-0124)

Our company needs plugin for HTTP Binding (JEP-0124). We are ready to do development, but first want to check if somebody else is working on it. If anybody is working on it, or interested in joining us in doing it, please let us know.

We already started with gathering information. We would appreciate advices on how it should be done. Especially from Matt and/or Gato.

In related issue, we tried to build skeleton for this plugin. It also need to support HttpBindingServlet that we are not able to register with web.xml. According to JM-151 merging of user and jspc generated web.xml should work. But for us it doesn’'t. I checked ant file and everything looks ok to me. Any help here?


Hi Miroslav, I’‘ve started implementing jep-0124 as a ‘‘normal’’ java servlet. There are plans to make it work as a jive messenger plugin once it’‘s basics are done. I’‘ve had some talk with Matt about this already. There’'s code available at . Feel free to comment on it. If you want to join development let me know!

Cheers, Steve


Hi Steve, since there are no other comments, or volunteers we can continue with private messages. Sent you one.


So, how did this work out (I’'m hoping for someone still having a watch on this thread)?

I’'ve been looking at these threads



and I’‘ve wrapped up JHB in a JiveMessenger plugin, but that’'s about it for now. To prevent the wheel from being invented for the second or third time: Did you guys ran into any trouble and/or find out anything else useful?

Hi Guus,

we tried to integrate HTTP Binding in the Jive Messenger as plug-in, so all communication is internal instead external through socket. Came to point when it is integrated but problem was that existing code for HTTP Binding wasn’‘t written in manner easy to integrate and build efficient and scalable app. It turned out we need to put in much more work. We get sidetracked and didn’'t have spare cycles with our developers and basically stopped.

In nutshell we have integration code, it is working but to build this in really scalable matter more work is needed. We didn’'t see reason for having that plug-in other way, implementation would really need to be scalable to make much sense.

If you are interested doing some development we can pass code to you. Nice thing would be to make official plug-in and host it in the Messenger SVN, or whatever that is done. Matt can probably say about that. But right now we are not in the situation to help a lot.


Hi all,

I am pretty new to Jive. At the moment I comunicate with Jive using HTTP Binding that runs alone in a web application.

Is it possible to have the plugin you mention in your post? I’‘m not sure i’‘d be able to develop because i’'ve not experience in that field.




I’‘m a complete newbie… But I’'m trying to learn…

I have a gentoo box, with Jive. I was told for HTTP binding I would have to have tomcat installed. I did, but now I’‘m completely lost. For anyone that’'s gotten Jive Messenger (wildfire) working with http binding, could you explain to me how and if you can - the mechanics behind it?



Welcome Kareem,

did you try to deploy jwchat.war http://jwchat.sourceforge.net/ and wildfire.war? You should find a lot of information about installing jwchat in this forum if you need more detailed help about it and at sourceforge solving some bugs are discussed.

http://zeank.in-berlin.de/ offers also MUCkl as another JHB client / HTTP chat.

Did you have another client in mind?