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HTTP binding result in timeout

when I try to send GET or POST request to , I dont get a response (timeout) ,but the following code log the domain :

            Log.info("before http-bind");
            Log.info("after http-bind");


2021.10.05 03:34:24 INFO  [pool-172-thread-1]: com.tecfrac.openfire.plugins.upload.HttpFileUploadPlugin - before http-bind
2021.10.05 03:34:24 INFO  [pool-172-thread-1]: com.tecfrac.openfire.plugins.upload.HttpFileUploadPlugin - http://localhost:7070/http-bind/
2021.10.05 03:34:24 INFO  [pool-172-thread-1]: com.tecfrac.openfire.plugins.upload.HttpFileUploadPlugin - after http-bind

Im using HTTp file upload plugin , what do I miss ? and what configuration is needed ?

You’re mentioning a couple of things that don’t neccesarily are part of the exact same problem.

Your logging suggests that your server is listening (HTTP, without encryption) on port 7070. You’re trying to access the service on the default port that uses encryptions (HTTPS): 7443. If you can access port 7070 (but not 7443), then it’s likely that some kind of certificate issue is at play.

Your server is reporting to be ‘localhost’. That does not need to be a problem, but do make sure that from whatever machine you’re trying to access the server using IP, you’re actually able to connect to the server. Also, check if firewalls allow access on those specific ports.

Finally, you’re mentioning the HTTP File Upload Plugin, which works in a similar way to HTTP Binding, but is a completely different beast. On top of that, it appears that you’re using some kind of fork, as the package name that is logged is something that seems to be proprietary. Does the standard plugin work?

thank you , it was a problem with the port , I gave access for the remote computer to ports 7070 and 7443 from the local machine.