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HTTP connection between J2ME and Wildfire?

Dear All,

I was Install Wildfire and Tomcat in order client can use JWChat. the result is successful. i can use JWChat without any errors.

is this HTTP Binding or HTTP Pooling?

my main question is: How to use HTTP connection between J2ME and Wildfire?

i hope some body can give me an article/tutorial and example to do this.

Thank you.

The JWChat WAR is bundled with JabberHTTPBind, and it does in fact use binding to connect to the Jabber server.

As far as J2ME goes, you’‘ll need to either find a library that implements HTTP Binding using J2ME’'s API or create one yourself.

could you give me specific link about it, please !

I will wait… thank’'s


I assume that you don’‘t want (or can’'t as some mobile devices have a very limited browser) to use a browser on your mobile device but write your own java application.

What is sent and received could be defined in url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0124.htmlJEP-0124 /url.

If you prefer reverse engineering and own ethereal or another network sniffer you could inspect what your browser using JWChat is sending to JHB.


Dear LG,

let me make clear my question by explain from begin.

First, i was success use wildfire as server and exodus as client (for test only).

Second, i was build one mobile application - J2ME - as client (this is my main task).

the mobile application is working properly in emulator only, in real device - my mobile device - is failed. caused the socket connection is blocked by GSM vendor.

so i tried to use HTTP binding connection following your answer in this room regarding JWCHAT. the result is successful. but don’'t know it is work.

my question is:

  1. How to setting the server (wildfire) - or additional server if necessary - in order can listen and response HTTP binding connection from mobile application.

  2. how about J2ME, i mean the way - step by step -communication to server.

  3. i was test the PAPLA mobile application (http://instant.papla.pl/text.asp?file=instant_mob.html) in real device - my mobile device - and success.

the PAPLA is working properly.

  • is papla server use Wildfire also?
  1. does some body can give me some library or example code of J2ME for HTTP Binding?

Thank you,