HTTP Error on admin Console

greeting everyone,

after updating to 3.5.2, I got something weird, when accessing the admin console there is an error :




Powered by jetty://

but the openfire server is running well, also the client are connected without any problem

I’m trying to stop and start the server over an over, but nothing change.

i’m using windows 2003 server, any idea



Maybe there is some inconsistency with server name after upgrade. Try changing true to false in /conf/openfire.xml and rerun setup process. It shouldn’t harm your current setup.

404 means Not Found. What address are you trying to connect? Are you doing this locally? Then you can try connecting to localhost:9090

ok…first of all thank you for the answer, but i’m not changing anything, but I will try your sugsestion. Because I have to do it after work hour.

yes I’m conecting it through local address, by localhost:9090 an also by

Thanks to you all, who read my question, and specially thanks to wroot for suggestion.

I just found out that my collega just installed CISCO work in that machines , so after I stop all cisco work services and restart openfire, the admin console is back to live. so i don have to worried about anything now.

Thanks and regards