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HTTP File Upload Plugin

Hi all.

I’m working with HTTP File Upload Plugin 1.1.3 Release in OpenFire. I have a problem when I send files between two Android mobile clients with Xabber.

The file is sended ok but the receiver client only see a blank box and when you push into appears an java error message: javax.net.SSLHandshakeException:java.security.cert.CertPathValidationException: Trust anchor for certification path not found.

I’m workin on LAN. I dont know if my problem becomes by no work with FQDN o why. Can I disable https in HTTP binding?


The certificate that is used is not trusted. This typically is the case when you use the self-signed certificate that Openfire will generate when it is first installed.

I suggest that you replace the certificate with one that is issued by a reputable certificate authority. Let’s Encrypt provides them for free, but other CA’s might be easier to use.

But if I want to work only in LAN? I cant configurate FQDN setting in a local insulated network.
Is there any way to send without security? I tryed to set the porperty plugin.httpfileupload.announcedWebProtocol in http but doesnt work.