HTTP plugin and Google Talk

We’‘ve installed the HTTP plugin on our server and I’'ve developed the (mobile) client side to communicate with the plugin.

Everything seems to go allright, I can login and I receive my roster and presence of my contacts. I noticed 1 weird thing though. The INITIAL presence of Google Talk contacts is never sent to the client.

Only when the status of a Google Talk contact changes (e.g. from ‘‘available’’ to ‘‘busy’’), the presence is properly sent.

I can reproduce it over and over and it seems to occur only for Google Talk contacts.

Is this a bug in the plugin?

Best regards,


Mobile Lead Developer

this problem persists in the 2006-11-30 nightly build. This problem doesn’'t occur with foreign users that are connected through a federatation with Could this be a Google Talk only problem (or a problem that occurs when federating with a non-Wildfire server?)

Hey Guus,

Can you check with They run ejabberd, it will help us figure out if it is a google talk problem or not. I am working on getting a setup where I can test it easily and troubleshoot what is going on.


Ronnie just gave it a try: doesn’'t seem to give us any problems either.