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HTTP Polling / HTTP Binding support

This thread is also in XIFF forum, but I think, that here is better place for it:

Does anyone know of extensions to this library that support JEP-0025 and/or JEP-0124? If not, is there any interest in this community to develop this support?



I need connect to Wildfire from JSJaC.

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You can use Punjab to act as proxy between your HTTP clients and the Jabber server.

Hi Atom,

what about JHB for JEP-0124? It is written in Java, so you may use it until Wifi v3.x is released. You can track 0124 support with JM-356.


I know Punjab, but I don’'t like Python.

HTTP pooling support in Java will be better.

But what is JHB? I don’'t know it.

Hi atom,

you did mention JavaScript Jabber Client Library[/i] but don’‘t know JabberHTTPBind[/i]? It’'s from the same author and can be downloaded here: http://zeank.in-berlin.de/

He also maintains JWChat and MUCkl which both use JSJac and JHB.


Thanks you. I found it.

But, can I use it in WildFire server? Or I must use any special servlet container as Tomcat?


you need a servlet engine, that’‘s right. It should be possible to use it as a Wifi plugin after some modifications but I’'m not aware of the files which must be modified. So using Tomcat for JHB is the easiest solution, so one may also use wildfire.war.