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Http proxy support for Spark


I am trying to make a connection via http proxy. Some how, the connection made is always direct even if I checked on the “Use Proxy Server” under the Advanced - Proxy tab.

Anyone has luck with connection to Wildfire via http proxy? I had tested with Spark version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2

Hi stealth,

I can confirm this behavior and wonder whether this is a bug.


Are you using just an HTTP proxy or a SOCKS5 proxy?



hi Matt,

I am using just HTTP proxy.

Although I do not have a SOCS5 proxy, but when I change to SOCK5, I can see in “netstat -n” that it is trying to connect to a proxy instead of direct.

Looks like the issue is only with HTTP proxy.

While I would prefer to manage plugins through SparkManager, turns out that this “bug” does exactly what I need.

Allow IM to connect directly to local server but use proxy for connection to web to get plugins.

Perhaps this is the intended function?