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HTTP... someway?!

Hi folks,

We want a Jabber IM System and we want Jive and we want LDAP and we want, that it’'s possible to connect via HTTP.

Okay, I see, the Jive Messenger doesn’'t support HTTP-Polling. Is there any way that makes it to? Or is there a possibility for a WebClient or something like that?

It’'s the Firewalls, you know…

Thanks in advance,


i think Jive Messenger should support any client which follows XMPP specs. So, u can look through the clients and pick the one you like. There are a few of webclients too:


or i dont understand what’'s the problem:)

Yes, of course works Jive with all XMPP Clients. But what chances do I have to get to it via HTTP?

I haven’'t found a WebClient yet. Did you?

Is it planned to get HTTP-Polling (JEP-0025) into Jive?

We use JWChat (jwchat.sourceforge.net) as an HTTP client with Jive. The Polling/Binding interface is done via a servlet that is also available from the author of JWChat.

Can you give me some more information?

I couldn’'t find the Servlet. What is your setup?

I’‘m quite interested in this also. I’'d like an external client (preferably JEP-0025 polling), but I would also be interested in how to get JWChat running with Jive. Where did you find the servlet?

Most of the language on the JWChat site assumes that you’‘re using jabberd, which is very frustrating to those of us using another server (I was playing with ejabberd a while ago, now we’'re using JiveMessenger).

Any input would be appreciated! How hard would it be to put together a drop-in package for JWChat that would work with Jive?


Hi, i´m also interested in this…

Any info how to setup jwchat with jive ?


Here’'s the basic formula (I run all of this on the same machine)

Install Apache with mod_jk plugin

Install Tomcat

Grab JWChat bundle (jwchat-20050301.tar.gz) and HTTPBind Code (JabberHTTPBind-0.2.3.war) from http://www.strigler.de/~zeank/

Drop the war into Tomcat webapps

Config Apache (add to httpd.conf):

<VirtualHost *>


DocumentRoot /var/www/html/jwchat/htdocs

<Directory /var/www/html/jwchat>

Options +Indexes +Multiviews

AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

  1. Location of the worker file

JkWorkersFile “/etc/httpd/conf/jk/workers.properties”

  1. Location of the log file

JkLogFile “/etc/httpd/logs/mod_jk.log”

  1. Log level : debug, info, error or emerg

JkLogLevel emerg

  1. Assign specific URL to Tomcat workers

JkMount /admin loadbalancer

JkMount /admin/* loadbalancer

JkMount /manager loadbalancer

JkMount /manager/* loadbalancer

JkMount /examples loadbalancer

JkMount /examples/* loadbalancer

JkMount /JabberHTTPBind loadbalancer

JkMount /JabberHTTPBind/* loadbalancer

Config workers.properties to point to ajp port in Tomcat

Configure the config.js file in JWChat to use binding and point to the servlet in Tomcat:


I think that’'s about it…works well for us.

  • Andy

Thanks, i will try it

Thanks for the tips on doing this, Andy. I’‘ve followed your formula and I think I’‘m close, but I don’‘t believe I have my workers.properties file configured properly since when I hit the Login button, the request goes out but nothing happens… I’'m stuck on the login page. It seems like the webserver is getting the request but is not able to marshall it to the servlet.

Can you or someone else explain the line “configure the workers.properties file to point to the AJP port in Tomcat” a little more? I added this to my workers.properties file but no dice so far:





Thanks for any more input on this setup! Excited to get it working.


Thanks. I’‘m trying to setup jwchat work jive follow your suggestion and face some problem, could you give me a more detail description? I do not know how to set up JkWorkersFile “/etc/httpd/conf/jk/workers.properties”, in httpd.conf, I’'m not sure whether I need configure +RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule JabberHTTPBind/ + for Virtual host .