Https portal not working


I am running Windows Server 2012.

After upgrading Openfire to 4.0.0 connections to the SSL (self-signed)/https/9091 admin console are reset and will not connect. It works when ran as an administrator, but not when ran normally or as a service (which is needed so it can run under the Network Service login). The unencrypted console still works, but I would prefer to not have to use it. I am not sure if I am missing something or if this could be considered a bug.


I have done a complete uninstallation and delated the C:\Openfire directory it was installed in and reinstalled it from scratch. It seems to need Administrator status to create or even just access the keystores.

I have also noticed that the service does not always respond to being sent the stop signal in the Windows service manager.

After reinstalling the service, I have found that everything works when the service is ran using the Local System login.