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Huge contact list

What would be the issue if we had one single user having all other users within his contact list (a kind of big brother).

I do not mind if this specific user does not gather the roster list at all…I just want this user to be able to chat with everybody and I want this user notified about presence infor from all others.

Thanks a lot for your expertise.

Depends how many contacts this list will have. It is ok with say 200 users. But if this is about thousands, then your client can be sluggish (especially Spark) also presence updates can be slower (as it would have to process a lot of updates).

I am more talking about 100000…but is it also sluggish if no roster list is gathered by my given super-user ?


If you don’t have so many users on the roster, then the client should be ok. On the other hand your server may be the culprit here with such user numbers, but that’s another question.