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Huge perfomance troubles with 4.1.1


recently upgraded to 4.1.1 and all works fine until reboot.

When i upgraded openfire it was started with 150 active users and taking ~30-60 sec to bring them online.

When i restarted server side at prime time with 800 users online , it never comes back. I was waited for 15 mins and then rollback to 4.0.2.

It takes ~2 min (as usual) to fully load and all users comes back.

Strange issue after upgrading - no logs (error,warning,info) at all except “output.log”. Enabled but not logged

I’m using SASL auth with keytab file (GSSAPI and PLAIN schemas).

P.S. No problems was detected with 4.1.1 during work. it’s just a startup issue for me

So, what should i do?

Did you ever figure out the issues. I can’t say I have the exact same issue, but I am experiencing huge performance issues with 4.1.1.

My issues is probably more related to this description, but I’m running 4.1.1.