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Hybrid Auth + Hybrid Users? (LDAP + DB)


At the moment I am setting up Wildfire to run on out university.

The plan is to be able to use the LDAP usernames + passwords for USERS

and database users for BOTS (we plan on creating a lot of university-related services run as a jabber bot using the smack framework)

Am I right that this constelation would not only need to configure the hybrid auth provider but also create a hyrid user provider (so methods like findUsers(Set fields, String query) would also return bots…

It’'s not really an option to put the bots into ldap as we plan on creating an abstract bot class so people would be able to implement their own bots pretty fast and I (as the server admin) should be able to add them without the need of running to the IT Department to get them to create a new user.



Implemented it myself and contributed it: http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/JM-1073