Hybrid user/auth against openfire DB & custom DB


I’ve got a working openfire installation, which the usernames/passwords/groups have been entered (via the admin pages) into the mysql-based Openfire database.

I’m now trying to open up the logins to allow for members of the website, and to use the main database’s primary member table (called dt_members) to be able to provide the usernames, and passwords to authenticate the login from a long-running web/flash-based client.

However, I can’t find any complete, working examples of using the hybrid-provider to set up two different Mysql connection strings so that it will look in both databases. If it is going to be significantly easier to have the single user/auth-source for logins (what are currently the test/admin accounts) to come from the main website database, with all the rest of the openfire properties and archives from the openfire db, then that would potentially be acceptable - though a bit of a hack, since I would prefer to just take (and as read-only) the usernames/passwords, and maybe some hints towards groups from the websites’ DB, and keep the openfire configuration seperate.

I’ve read the DB-integration guide (at http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/db-integ ration-guide.html), but that also doesn’t have a complete example, and the fact that the provider/auth/classname is “JDBCAuthProvider” - but it’s then used later as “jdbcAuthProvider” - Are the different upper/lower-cases here a typo, or are they required - are they talking about different things? I can’t find any explanations, and so, I ask here.

Confused, of London


Hey ALister –

Did you ever get this working?