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HybridAuth with LDAP and MySQL - how?

Hi there,

I want to run a Jabber server with the following configuration: I’'ve got a LDAP repository. First I want the server to check against this LDAP, if the login is there existent and then use the password from LDAP, too.

If the user is non existent in LDAP I want Wildfire to use it’‘s native database as second possibility to check if there is such a user and password. You could say as a fallback. Free user registration should be available, too, and use Wildfire’'s own database of course then.

I know, that there’'s something called HybridAuth for wildfire.conf - but how can I use it to achieve this goal?

Please, if you have any pointers how to achieve this configuration, let me know.


Hi Marc,

A good starting place would to be to take a look at url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=17685this thread[/url], it deals specifically with using the Native and the POP3 AuthProvider together but everything will be basically the same for using LDAP and Default (MySQL) auth providers.

Hope that helps,