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Hallo zusammen,

ich arbeite zur Zeit bei einem Kunden der eine Ältere Version von Openfire an seine Organisation angepasst hat. ( Ich kann nicht mehr sehen welche Openfire Version der Angepassten Applikation zu Grunde liegt.)

Der Kunde möchte nun die Hybrid Authentication nutzen.

Dies Soll mit einem MS SQL Server 2008R2 und Microsoft Active Directory umgesetzt werden.

Gibt es für dieses Szenario einen Guide?

Oder kann mir jemand helfen dies umzusetzen?



Hi Guys sorry just realized that i asked my question in German.

I have an Old Version of Openfire that is heavily customized by my customer ( Can´t see which Version it really is)

At the Moment the Customer is using either LDAP or Internal Authentication.

I have read that there is the possibility to use Hybrid Authentication Provider.

Can anyone sent me a link to a step by step guide how to set this up.

I have no real experience with openfire. I could get the AD Authentication to work and the Internal Authentication with MS SQL 2008 R2.

But not the combination of both.

Any help is much appreciated.



The hybridauthprovider just chains two auth providers. You configure them seperately and then set them as primary and secondary auth provider, furthermore you configure OF to use the hybridauthprovider instead of the default one. Furthermore you can use gssapi to authenticate the AD users which are located on a domain member pc, e.g. with miranda / miranda ng this can be done. The much more interesting question is how do you want you groups/rosters and users be populated into OF.

pm me if you like (in German preferredly).