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Hyperlinks don''t work

I run spark on gentoo linux and after I recently ripped gnome off of my system, hyperlinks in spark chats no longer launch in my browser. Is there a setting somewhere within spark that I can set how it handles hyperlinks or some setting in X I need to set?

Ok, so I checked out the source last night to take a peek for anything that might help. I found spark/src/java/org/jivesoftware/spark/util/BrowserLauncher.java

Basically, it does checks for a default browser based on OS and jvm, but for *nix it just cops out and assumes netscape. So I figured I’'ll just make a netscape symlink, but that does not help for some reason. Can someone please lend me a hand?

If you are using Linux/Firefox you may want to run this command because the Spark code refers to Netscape as its default browser:


ln -swhich firefox/usr/bin/netscape


ln -swhich konqueror/usr/bin/netscape