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I am ask a question?

I am greenhand at use Jive Message, interesting in it,

question some of foolish, sorry,

I want to finish function :

1、create group 2、 send message to group .

3、join user to group.

in this process, all use smack api 1.5 , is it finish this function.

// this code , create group ,but it isn’'t show admin interface .

rosterGroup = roster.createGroup(name);

A group in Jive Messenger is different than a roster group. The groups in Jive Messenger don’‘t correlate to anything in the XMPP protocol, but are just a convenience mechanism for managing users. Therefore, it’'s not possible to edit/modify groups from Smack. Does that make sense? Maybe we could add an IQ protocol to do this eventually, but that would be something custom for Jive Messenger.




it would be very useful for my application to edit/modify Jive Messenger groups (not roster groups) from Smack. Are you planning to add this functionality in a short term?

Regards, Guille

Hola Guille,

It’'s not in our short term roadmap unless someone wants to help us implement it.

It would be cool to be able to configure things in the server using ad-hoc commands. So maybe the first step would be to implement url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0050.htmlad-hoc commands[/url] in Smack (and JM).


– Gato