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I am unable to go beyond 3000 connections using 1 machine in openfire?

I have installed openfire in one machine and testing how many users can come online simulteneously using this xmpp server. I found that when numbers of concurrent users goes upto 3000 . CPU show 100% .

to increase the scalability, I installed openfire connection manager, but I am not able to route my client(jwchat) request to connection manager.

After that I thought to implement JabberHttpBinding connection manager, but in that case it will behave as same as the inbuilt http-binding in openfire.

I don’t know what to do??can any body help how to increase this maximum online numbers.Waiting for reply.

What do the connection manager logs show you? I just managed to get my connection manager connected - what I was doing wrong was not enabling the connection manager through the Openfire admin console.

Manorajan, have you checked the ulimit configuration on your Linux server? Some years ago I had this kind of problem, my installation was limited to about 1,000 users. Now, after change ulimit to 5,000 and configure Xms and Xmx parameters, the server supports 4,500 connections - without Connection Manager!

If my last post was not enought, I show more information. The changes I did on /etc/init.d/openfire are de following:

ulimit -n 5000

ulimit -Hn 5000

ulimit -Sn 5000

The line beginning with “OPENFIRE_OPTS=” was added with “-Xms=512m -Xmx=2048m”. This determines the sizes of java memory. This way, the server, an i386 with RAM=4GB, got 2GB to java memory. Now we have 5.000 sessions without any problem.

I belive this is an answer to the original question.