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I built Spark. Now what?

I downloaded the Spark source from the SVN. I installed Ant and built Spark. Said the build was successful. However, when I run the startup.bat, nothing happens! Well, technically a black window pops up for a split second and then disappears. And then nothing happens. Any ideas?

My regular Spark client was not running at the time of the build or when I tried to launch the new one.

Sounds like the build was not successful. It should open Spark. It should have also created a spark.jar file. Try to run that and see if it starts Spark.

The only success I’ve had was when I used Eclipse to build it. You might benefit from going that way too.

I just tried building through Eclipse. I get an error that says:

Description Resource Path Location Type

The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for javax.net.SocketFactory. Fix the build path then try building this project Spark Unknown Java Problem

Description Resource Path Location Type

The type javax.net.SocketFactory cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files LoginDialog.java /Spark/src/java/org/jivesoftware line 251 Java Problem

Any ideas?