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I can help with translation into Russian MAC version of Spark

I can help with translation into Russian MAC version of Spark

but I need a file for translation.

And I do not understand Java :slight_smile:

There is already Russian translation (i’m on WinXP) and I thought translation should work platform independently. Isn’t it working on MAC? Or maybe you want to update or correct the current translation?

Yes for MAC, and Linux doesn’t work Russian language.

I have just tried 2.6.0 Beta 2 in linux. Russian translation is in there, but it doesnt switch to it. So i will file it as a bug SPARK-1045.

I have the latest version of Spark on the MAC and impossible select Russian language because this it is no in the list.

Can you open the spark.jar (Spark/libs) with archiver? Don’t know what archiver you can use in Mac, in windows 7-zip is ok for that. Then check the i18n dir inside of it. Look for spark_i18n_ru_RU.properties . It should be there. If it doesnt, then we can file it as a separate Mac OS bug.

The file is there, but you can not select it.
See screenshot.

I wonder why the icon of that file is different. Probably just because of the selection. Anyway, i see that you are using 2.5.8 version, because 2.6.0 Beta 2 has more languages and shows them all in the list (both in Windows and Linux):


But it doesnt switch to russian language in Linux. I suppose this will be the same in Mac OS with 2.6.0 Beta 2. So, it is a bug and nothing you can do right now. Translation is already there.

I think I know what the problem :slight_smile:
Please see attach.

Great. Then this should be a trivial fix to do.

I fixed this for myself,
Can I fix this problem for everyone who uses this version? :slight_smile:

Depends what you mean by “fixing” Real fix would be to change those files’ names in the source, compile and release a new Spark version. This will probably not happen soon. Of course, you can send the fixed spark.jar to your friends, who are using Spark, and tell them to replace it. Or if you are using it in a company, maybe you can create a script which will copy fixed spark.jar on top of the original one automatically for all the users.

Of course we are fix this problem for own users :slight_smile:
Just some people downloaded Spark client with this site.

Others will have to wait for the new release.

Maxim, according to your skills, I suggest to use simple tool like “Java JRC Editor”

can you send me the portuguese languagen please?

Diablos wrote:

can you send me the portuguese languagen please?

I don’t have such. Maybe you should read this message http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/187208#187208 and edit spark.jar, and rename spark_i18n_pt_BR.properties to spark_i18n_pt.properties inside of it. Then you should be able to set Portuguese language for Spark. Or you can extract that file and edit it if you want to fix some translations or add new ones.